"Going to the Streets" Travel Kit

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As you head to the streets for vacations and staycations, take this fun kit with you as you explore the world: 

•  1 Explorer's Tote Bag

•  1 Voyager's Passport Cover
•  1 Jet-Lag Relaxation Mask

Oh and the fabrics used will be a SURPRISE! We'll choose awesome colors to brighten your trip.

Product Description:

Explorer’s Tote Bag
This African print tote bag will hold things you need for your adventures with room to spare for the mementos you’re sure to find along the way! 

Voyager Passport Holder
It’s absolutely essential you keep your travel documents organized and safely tucked away for the duration of your travel outside of the US. This holder allows you to store your passport and other relevant travel documents, while being stylish at the same time.

Jet-Lag Relaxation Mask
Flying you might expect a certain amount of jet lag. But with this relaxation mask, you’ll be able to sleep soundly during your travels and adjust almost instantly! Trust us, you won’t want to travel without one of these because you’ll need all that energy to hit the ground exploring!