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Imagine it’s a dreary rainy morning, and you go to your closet to pick out something to wear. It’s highly likely that you, like most, will gravitate toward colors reflective of the weather outside, which in many instances impacts your mood.
If you’re feeling a bit “dreary” and want to pick up your spirits, I suggest putting on something with a brighter color palette, like something with an African print.
Using color to alter moods and emotions is a practice that can be traced back to cultures, including the Chinese and Egyptians. They used color to heal through a practice called chromotherapy. Chromotherapy treatment primarily used red, yellow, orange, blue and indigo to heal different aspects of the body.

Modern psychologists refer to the study of how different colors can affect the way we think as chromology. For African print lovers, I say we call it PRINTOLOGY!

So, I dare you, put on your brightest print on the next rainy day…give it a try and tell me how the colors make you feel.

Effects of Color on Our Body


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