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Everyone is beautiful despite their differences. That’s what makes the definition of “natural beauty” impossible to explain. What one person believes to be beautiful, another rejects. Although society helps shape our thought processes and behavior concerning beauty, how people perceive the attribute varies from culture to culture and country to country.

That’s what is so exciting about natural beauty! Everyone possesses it. Some choose to show theirs off in different ways. Being confident about your appearance starts with a deep source of compassion and loving-kindness for yourself and others.

Here are five ways to embrace your natural beauty:

  • Learn more about your ancestry, culture, race, ethnicity, and religion. Embrace the things that make you the beautiful person you are today. When you deep dive into all things you, it’s hard not to appreciate the unique being that you are when you know where you come from, the ideas that shape your belief system, the cultural, ethnic, and religious ceremonies you choose to be a part of. When you know who you are at the deepest, most intimate level, it’s far easier to appreciate your beauty inside and out.
  • Fall deeply in love with you. This may sound like an outrageous idea but one of the best ways to embrace your natural beauty is to develop a healthy relationship with yourself. You’re essentially becoming your own best friend and soulmate. By loving every square inch of your mind, body, and soul, you’re making a declaration to the world that you’re confident and secure with who you are. There is nothing more beautiful than that!
  • Stop fighting things you have no control over. Instead, love your quirks and eccentricities. Know that there is no other glorious being quite like you on the planet which is very encouraging. Who creates beauty standards, anyway? Love how you look and teach others how to do the same thing, too. When you’re happy and healthy, it’s hard for the people around you not to be also.
  • Make self-care a priority. Don’t let the high demands of society tarnish your soul and tax your mind and body. By scheduling downtime to take a long bath with a lush bath bomb or have a massage, you’re making it clear to yourself how much you matter. Knowing what things make you feel good and engaging in these activities at least once a week makes a real difference in how you look and feel.
  • Smile. Take good care of one of your greatest assets. Having a beautiful smile makes you feel excellent. It helps you communicate and convey confidence without saying a word.

Now that you know how to embrace your natural beauty, take steps towards achieving greater happiness. You hold the key to your success. Give up the things that no longer serve you so you can make room for the things that do.


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