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The Coronavirus has exposed the gross inequalities that exist within the economy. Many black people and people of color in America and around the world, who are without the luxury of accumulated wealth, must continue to work to support their families.

This limited access to wealth has contributed to the increased rate of Covid-19 infections and deaths in communities of color.

Studies suggest that the majority of people in this demographic are “frontline“ workers and “essential” workers, whose physical presence are required on their jobs to provide valuable services that the public depends on and could not go without – they are unable to work from home. Many have jobs such as healthcare workers, factory workers, meat packers, package deliverers, grocery store employees, and Uber and Lyft drivers. These jobs require frequent face-to-face contact with the public and can help to increase exposure to the COVID-19 virus, which can be easily passed to a family member and loved ones.

If you’re a “frontline” worker or “essential” worker, we know that the public depends on you, and more importantly, so does your family. That’s why we designed the reusable Kulinda African print faced mask to help keep you and your family safe and prevent you from getting the coronavirus.

Our Kulinda mask is not only unisex and reusable, but it’s also made with a pleated design and has a built-in filter pocket to provide extra protection from all airborne pathogens. The Kulinda mask also comes equipped with a nose wire that will ensure it conforms to your features and provide a comfortable snug fit. With the option to choose your print, the mask is customizable and will compliment your uniform or style no matter your job requirements.

Don’t become part of the statistics, wear your mask, protect yourself, and your family! 

Get a Kulinda mask and help prevent the spread of the coronavirus amongst hard-working communities of color.


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