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Fall is a season of beautiful colors and cooler weather. I’m sure you are trying to get in as much outdoor fun, but when the weather is a tad too cool to hang outside, there are a number of wonderful crafts that your kids can do to help bring those gorgeous autumn colors indoors.

We have collected some amazing craft ideas that use fall leaves and are perfect for kids. Get them out from behind the TV, and hooked on crafting with these fun seasonal projects.

Autumn Wreath

Let kids create an autumn wreath to hang on the front door. You just need to cut them a template from cardboard and then have them to glue leaves in place, covering the entire template.

Get the complete tutorial for: Autumn Wreath at The Frugal Homemaker

Leaf People

Let your little ones create an entire leaf family. Larger leaves can be used for parents and smaller ones for the kids. You just have to add a few decorations like stickers for the eyes and face or you can use wiggly craft eyes if you prefer. Let them decorate the family however they like and then display them for everyone to see when they visit.

Owl Paper Bag Puppets

Let older kids cut the owl parts, while younger ones get everything prepped for gluing. They'll enjoy putting everything together!

What you'll need:

paper bag, burlap, fall leaves, orange construction paper, black marker, yellow and black pipe cleaners, scissors, glue.

What you'll do:

Lay the paper bag out flat on the table, with the folded bottom flap facing up.

Cut an oval out of the piece of burlap and glue it to the center of the paper bag.

Gather some fall leaves and glue them to both sides of the paper bag to make wings.

Cut a yellow pipe cleaner in half. Fold each half 3 times to make the owl's feet, and glue the feet to the bottom of the bag.

Cut a small triangle out of the orange construction paper and glue it upside down to the bottom flap of the bag.

Draw 2 circles above the triangle to make the eyes.

Cut 2 pieces of black pipe cleaner that are 3 inches long. Fold them loosely in half so that they form a triangle shape. Glue them along the edge of the bottom flap. Once the glue has dried the paper bag puppet is ready to use!

Leaf Lanterns

You likely already own every supply you need to make these inexpensive fall crafts.

Get the complete tutorial for: Leaf Lanterns at Red Ted

Autumn Leaf Crowns

There’s no reason you shouldn’t make yourself a leaf crown. You rule.

Get the complete tutorial for: Autumn Leaf Crowns at Handmade Charlotte

Leaf Creatures

Leaves gathered on an autumn walk make perfect tiny canvases for painting forest friends. Press leaves between the pages of a heavy book for a week or so. Then, let the shape of the leaf inspire your choice of animal to depict with acrylic paint. Seal the finished art with Mod Podge.

Take it Further. After painting some animals, kids can try turning leaves into houses, aliens, rocket ships, and more.

Tabletop Trees

Bring the outside in by planting a deciduous forest (with real leaves!) right on your dining room table. Press a few dozen colorful leaves between the pages of a heavy book for a week or so to preserve them.

For each tree, paint a cardboard paper towel tube to look like tree bark. Paint the top several inches inside of one end, too. Let it dry.

For branches, cut several 1/4-inch-wide strips down into the painted end of the tube. Trim the ends of a few of them to make different lengths. In the other end of the tube, cut 1-inch-long slits spaced a half inch apart. For a base, cut a freeform, curvy shape from cardboard. Fold open the short tabs of the tube and glue them flat to the base. Attach preserved leaves to the tube's branches with glue dots. Scatter extra leaves around the base.

Autumn Window Pictures

These Autumn window pictures look so pretty displayed in the classroom or home at Fall, and are a popular craft with children of all ages.

Get the complete tutorial for: Autumn Window Pictures Activity Village

Autumn Leaf Necklace

Little girls will spend hours creating fashionable necklaces that they can wear home or give away as gifts.

Get the complete tutorial for: Autumn Leaf Necklace at Kiwi Crate

Leaf Bowl

Paste leaves onto a balloon and wait until it dries. Let the kids pop them; they will be amazed with what they've made!

Get the complete tutorial for: Leaf Bowl at Hello! Lucky

Do you have fall leaves? Do you have a favorite fall leaf project? Please share your especially easy ones in the comments.


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