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So you’re invited to a dinner party and are stressing out about a gift for your host or hostess. Maybe you just don’t know what to bring or maybe you’re strapped for cash and can’t think of a suitable gift that won’t bust your budget.

As the gift giver, that’s something you want to avoid at all costs. Don’t show up with a food or alcohol gift and expect it to be made available immediately. For instance, your host or hostess may be serving a light meal that the heavy red wine you brought is simply not a match for. Though wine/food pairings may not matter to you, they could matter very much to the other guests…….and your hostess.

Relax. There are plenty of great gifts that will make a favorable impression. Just go through the list below!

Triple Quick Pop Maker

The flavor options are endless (Rose on a stick, anyone?), plus, the popsicles are ready in nine minutes flat.

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Tocca's La Dolce Vita Bianca Gift Set
Tocca's La Dolce Vita Bianca gift set features a fragrance, body scrub, and hand cream that smell like relaxation in a bottle.

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Dessert Plate 4 Set

Set of 4 dessert plates worthy of your sweetest holiday confections.

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Eat Cake For Breakfast Mug

Now here's a coffee mug she'll really appreciate the morning after.

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Stockholm Throw Blanket
The perfect blanket for a chilly night by the fireplace.

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Lucky Plant Gift

Wish someone an auspicious new year with a jade plant, an easy-care succulent that's said to bring prosperity.

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Cache Pot
Created in 19th century France, a cache pot (hiding a pot) conceals unsightly plastic planters. And because they're drain-free, they're safe on dining and cocktail tables.

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Place Card Holders

For those dinners where a hostess wants to kindly suggest where each guest should be seated, these colorful owl place card holders will do just the trick.

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Handmade Votive Candles

A set of votive candles makes the perfect compact gift for any hostess, and making them yourself out of beeswax adds a personal touch.

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Olivewood Salt Keeper

Way cuter than the jar salt normally comes in.

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Tiny Treasures

Each chocolate-pecan toffee is a small present on its own, but line several in a container for a delicious hostess gift.

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Glass Vase

Mouth-blown by a craftsperson, these carefully made vases look beautiful holding one flower or a dozen.

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Have a favorite hostess gift you give again and again?  Don’t hold out on us. We want to know….. share it here please!


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