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Afropolitan Ambassadors took to the streets of Washington, DC last weekend to launch its “I 2 Am America” Campaign. Inspired by Langston Hughes’ poem, “I, Too,” the campaign, which is an extension of Afropolitan’s “Be You” Campaign, celebrated the similarities we all share as human beings, while visually capturing a few of the diverse styles, races and cultures that make America great.

The Campaign was launched on a day when America was #MakingHistory by opening the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture. #NMAAHC  Afropolitan refused to miss this momentous occasion to help celebrate #APeoplesJourney ~ African & America ~ The Diaspora ~ their strength, their grace, their struggle, their triumph. It was an exciting, yet reflective experience. We, of course, documented our experience from a style & fashion perspective, which can be seen in the images captured through the “I 2 Am America” Campaign. The day was filled with an awesome spirit of unity, and thoroughly celebrated our mantra, “Your Journey, Your Style.” #BeYou

If one of these images resonates with your soul and makes you smile, especially during the socially tense times currently facing the US, then we have done our job!   

Afropolitan, Est. 2010
Made in Liberia for Global Citizens


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