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Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Co-Workers

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It's the most wonderful time of the year — well, almost. The office holiday party is right around the corner. The annual office Secret Santa game can be a major source of holiday stress. And there's good reason: You need to stay in the price limit and find something a coworker will actually like.

Sometimes, shopping for co-workers can be difficult, so we are here to help. We've rounded up 10 fun gifts that won't break the bank, but are guaranteed to put a smile on your officemates faces.

Desktop Dartboard

Help your co-worker spice up their desk with this desktop dartboard from Office Playground. This gift is a bullseye for any adult children in your office.

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Distillery Air Freshener

A can of Glade would just be mean, but this distillery-scented air freshener (charred oak, sour mash, bourbon) is enough of a novelty that he might actually use it. One hopes.

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Earphone Splitter

For the work friend who's also a music lover, pick up this three-way earphone splitter. It's great for watching movies with a buddy on a long flight, or sharing a favorite album.

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ManaTea Infuser

If your coworker can't get enough tea, get her this playful ManaTea Infuser (get it?). Put your loose leaf tea inside and take out the infuser when the tea has been steeped.

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Desk Butler Organizer

This desk organizer won't change your disorganized coworker's life, but it might keep him and you off Hoarders.

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Eiffel Scissors

We wouldn’t normally recommend a pair of scissors as a secret Santa gift, but this pair is an exception.

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Drink Coasters

These are almost too pretty to sit a drink on.

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Zara Zipped Gloves

Chic gloves are so underrated.

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Clever Dripper

A decidedly low-tech device like a French press but easier that beats office coffee. Maybe you'll even get some.

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Tired of hearing that one co-worker talk about how stressed they are day in and day out? Gift them with the AromaPod to help them get back on track.

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