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Rita Stryker with Williette Safe House in Liberia Afropolitan

The passionate CEO of Williette Safehouse and her team spread kindness one disabled community at a time in all 15 counties of Liberia. This is all while she listens to African music, of course, and rocks African fashion. 

According to Rita…

I will never change my view on human rights.

Today, and at this moment, I am most, I am most grateful for the opportunity to serve my people.

The song I listened to most recently was Major Lazor - Particula 


My favorite thing about African fashion is the emotion and energy that comes off of each piece. The history, shapes, and colors bring unspeakable joy to my heart! I Love It!

Thanks to Liberia, I have learned selflessness. 

I receive my daily inspiration from my father who has served the Liberian community for over 30 years via his funeral home services. His morals, patriotism, and religious beliefs have taught me that our time on this earth is not to gain for our selfish desires, but to impact the lives of the individuals we encounter daily. 

Williette Safehouse Places Smiles On The Faces Of Visually Impaired Students

Inspired to Serve & Empower…

For over 30 years, while running his business, Rita's dad [Mr. Samuel A. Stryker, II] selflessly provided marginalized individuals in the Liberian community with health care, school aid, housing, and much more. It was this generosity that was formalized in 2015 with the formation of the 501 (c)(3) organization Rita now runs - Williette Safehouse. 

They provide resources and training to develop hundreds of men, women and children living with impairments, such as blindness, deafness and more. Their recent project included the transformation of a school for deaf students; they cleaned and renovated the building thereby improving the learning environment for the kids.

The impact of Rita and her team’s work will be felt now and for generations to come. How are you spreading kindness? 

To learn more about Williette Safehouse and Rita Stryker, please visit:

Twitter: @WSafehouse        
Facebook: WillietteSafehouse       
Instagram: @williettesafehouse



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