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When the weather turns cold and the first frost appears, there's no need to get an all-new wardrobe. Instead, save money and turn your summer clothing into fall by adding a few snuggly pieces.

The easiest way to make your summer pieces more fall appropriate isn’t to ditch them altogether, but to cook up new ways to wear them. Think fall boots with open-back dresses, or knit cardigans tied around your floral frocks. With pairings like these, you might not have to put away your warm weather wardrobe after all.

If you’re unsure of how to make your summer pieces  work for the next few colder months, we’ve got some handy hacks and a definitive guide…...right this way.

Sweatshirt / Sweater with Skirt
Pair your chunky sweater or sweatshirt with a light-weight skirt and Voila!


Fall Boots With Summer Dresses
Your summer dress just found its new best friend – your fall boots. The combination of a feminine dress with rain and fall boots makes outfit more unique. Depending on how cold it is, pair with tights or knee socks.


Long Coat Outfit
A long coat is a great way to fight the cold elements. Don't be afraid to try wearing your long coat with a dress or a skirt. They're both practical and chic. Feel free to toss on your black shades for a more fashion-forward and glamourous look.


Blazer with a Tee
Drape your wool blazer over your shoulders with nothing but a tee underneath. Just another way to capture a sleek and stylish fall vibe without breaking the bank!


Happy Layering!
Layering is key to taking summer clothes into fall. Pair your statement jackets, tailored vests, and pullovers with stylish separates in colorful, lightweight, textured fabrics to seamlessly transition from the heat to the cold.


Summer Dress, Meet Cardigan
This pair is what effortless fall style is all about. Adding cardigans to summery dresses can completely change the look and take it from summer to winter.


Knee Socks
If you don’t want to wear tights, wear thigh-high socks under your high boots. It looks cute and will keep you warm.


Which of these outfits is your favorite? Are you going to try any of them? Let us know in the comments below!


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